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Barnett Waddingham 

Project: Me2

Barnett Waddingham is one of the UK’s largest independent provider of actuarial, administration and consultancy services. The firm comprises 64 partners and over 660 employees including 128 actuaries and over 35 DC specialists, spread across seven offices throughout the UK. 

BLUP worked with Barnett Waddingham to design a b2b pensions website tool called Me2. Barnett Waddingham wanted to get away from the 'dull' image pensions are currently percieved and make it appeal to a broader age range, 18year olds to 70 year olds. They were keen on BLUP to encorporate their style so that it engaged the younger audience as well as the older. 

Logo design – Branding – Website design – Art direction - Motion videos


Website Design

The sitemap of the website is quite complex so it was key to make the user journey as simple possible in order to not lose peoples interest. We did this by designing a 'home' platform that the user rarely needs to leave and when does can easily navigate back.

The Me2 on-screen colours are pre-defined to what age the user is. The age groups being; 18-30, 30-50 and 50-70. This allowed us to carefully pick colours that would engage each age range and also adjust the imagery so it was relevant to the correct age group. We also added the BLUP style to the imagery which involves a mix of real people and designed icons to keep the branding energy and engagement throughout. 



Motion videos

We produced eight videos in total for the Me2 project. All the icons involved were bespokely designed and then animated so that the Me2 brand is obvious throughout. The main aim of the videos was to keep the viewer engaged and absorbing the information. To do this we animated important wording from the script whilst mixing it with the icons.




The approach was to create a brand that was fun, engaging and appealing with the aim of turning heads in the pension/corporate world. To do this we involved round, soft shapes that oozed energy and personality. We also used pastel colours to let the designs and tools look more inviting to play with whist keeping it legible for the more pension- experienced user.


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