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Record breaking creative
content for SoccerBible
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SoccerBible Magazine Issue 5:
Creating a limited edition cover &
social media strategy

Adding liquid style to an equation that champions football’s beautiful senses, we have collaborated with design SoccerBible to produce a limited edition cover with just 250 copies available worldwide.

"Our brief was pretty open when it came to our ltd edition cover and the art work inside the magazine. We had several ideas but naturally wanted to let the beauty of BLUP's style run free. They blew it out of the water for us and went way beyond our expectations. The process was incredibly smooth and in understanding where we came from, it didn't take long for the good guys there to get a grasp of what we wanted. "

                                                                                               - Pete Martin, Content Editor, SoccerBible



An exclusive design and motion video created
for ultimate user engagement

Instagram user 'likes' for the motion video asset

Engagements on social content

Reach across social channels and influencer pages

The fastest selling 2016 soccerbible issue






"Bringing further animation to the table and really helping to tell the story we wanted, the team went all out to create an incredible collection of work. The success can be measured by the response and from our side, we've heard only positive things."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Pete Martin, Content Editor, SoccerBible


"BLUP helped up shift football into ever creative places and were not short of ideas. It was an absolute pleasure and I'm just looking forward to being able to work with them again. On point all round and damn nice people."

                                                                                                                          - Pete Martin, Content Editor, SoccerBible