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By Henrique Wooding 

Just a week ago cold, freezing and just all round blits yet everyone from designers, music artists, footballers, influencers, fashion lovers and more are making their grand entrance at one of Fashion’s Capital and leading shows London Fashion Week Men’s. Designers ranging from Bobby Albey, Samuel Ross – ACW, Blood Brothers, Christopher Raeburn and many more present their collection and pieces, spectators from near and afar gather to witness spectacular shows spread out across 3 days. Front rowing at some of the shows Hip Hop Icon Slick Rick dipped in gold and silver carrot followed by others

Have you ever worn something, haven’t finished putting on the whole attire yet your still looking really decent? Well Christopher Raeburn’s menswear collection as his pieces were being shown one by one had that feel to it. Different materials combined together, the oversized cool jumpers, wool scarves all too fitting for the ice cutting weather and the perfect winter menswear pieces to display. A very artistically impressive collection it was. Followed by Dong-Jun Kang’s (DGNAK) chic, silky the black and white pieces which did not fail to impress, oozing with mystery as the models walked we were witnessing a dark sweet story leaving us with a desire to see more suggesting that there is a to be continued pieces a slice of suspense.

Finally closing London’s Fashion Week Men’s Bobby Abley nothing short of quality, this was street meeting high-end, the started from the bottom story, what do you get when you mix Looney Tunes and street wear – Bobby Abley, quirky, original and bold – the perfect triple threat and way to finesse & end London’s Fashion Weeks Men.

For the culture, noting short of that. Seeing my culture, our culture, the culture from all walks off life gracing the shows with presence, I caught Hector Bellerin and laughed at him “what’s going on with you guys” referring to Arsenal’s recent previous games he laughed before we got general chatting about the shows we’d witnessed over the past few days. Bumped into the likes of Fekky, StefflonDon, Not3s and others dressed in designers wear “You should be walking in these shows, you should walk in the next one and end with a quick whine when you get to the end of the runway” I told StefflonDon “really” she replied as if to say is that even possible. Of course it’s possible, us all being there proved just that.

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