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George Fitzgerald Live

Graphic design is built on a number of core elements: words and typography, shape or form, imagery, colour and big ideas. These themes allow designers to develop an infinite number of variations and combinations to treat the creative process as both an art and a science – much like musical composition.

I use this analogy because music really inspires us and it is the motivating background to our art and creativity. We love everything from grime to film soundtracks – aural compositions with passion and life.

We adore electronica and soulful house especially and we create dynamic work for our clients across musical categories. Hence imagine ours surprise and delight when we were approached by George Fitzgerald to create the brand image across media for his new album and promotional campaign.

George is an electronica hero because he combines dancefloor tunes with elegant melodies that you can move your feet to or sit back and savour.  His new album, All that must be, features a broad array of compositions all with his distinctive epic themes and involves wonderful collaborations with other great musicians like Bonobo and Tracy Thorn. When he plays with his band live it is a truly beautiful performance as recently experienced in Brighton and London.

Dines – our creative guru - and George developed the visual concept together. George was passionate about creating the right imagery to suit his theme. The fractured circle represents the cycle of life from good to bad and every stop in between. The yellow is the hue of optimism – life is good especially when you add a new daughter into the mix…

Design and music – our two favourite sensory experiences. Inspired creativity – BLUP style.

Bill Wallsgrove – Head of Ideas


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