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Gallery Different opened its doors to Studio BLUP recently as we hosted our first live experience in association with toy brand Hasbro.

BLUPX saw a selection of work inspired by iconic brands such as My Little Pony, Monopoly, Transformers, Pokémon and Nerf presented to celebrate all things nostalgia at the London space.

Guests navigated the exhibition via a smartphone app which brought the static images to life through augmented reality (AR), producing moving versions of each piece.

There was also something for the gaming crowd as work from our wider portfolio beyond the Hasbro collection appeared. Mash-ups of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog added to the playful AR as drinks and music flowed.

Virtual, augmented and interactive media are increasingly being used to revolutionise creative expression by designers for brands.

BLUP’s purpose and passion is to constantly challenge creative boundaries and the BLUPX concept aimed to share this journey of exploration with our biggest supporters from the past decade.

“We approached Hasbro about doing an official collaboration going for our first live show,” said Dines, founder of Studio BLUP. “We wanted to celebrate all things nostalgia and remind people of what inspired us while growing up.”

The event provided the perfect opportunity to demonstrate BLUP’s mission of living emerging culture and revived a sense of play for Hasbro’s classic brands in the unique environment.

Stay tuned for more live experiences soon and view some of the work in motion on Instagram.


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